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Lucky Bat releases N. M. Cedeño’s newest paranormal mystery

Lucky Bat Books is thrilled to announce that the second installment in N. M. Cedeño’s Bad Vibes Removal Services series, Degrees of Deceit, is now available in print and ebook! In this paranormal mystery, a college prankster is making life hellish for the freshmen residents of Dellonmarsh Dorm on a University of Texas campus. The …

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Terry Katzer

Terry Katzer lives in Carson City, Nevada, with his wife Gi-Gi, two canine pals, one great kitty, and a desert tortoise. He has a bachelor of science degree in geology and has authored and co-authored more than a hundred scientific papers on hydrogeology. Arctic Under Attack was published by Lucky Bat Books in summer 2017. It’s …

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“Arctic Under Attack” by Terry Katzer

It’s 1965, and as America is increasing its military presence in Southeast Asia, the Cold War is heating up in Alaska. The Russians, desperate to stop the spread of democracy, send their Air Force MiGs to make incursions, testing the much-touted North American DEW Line and drawing their own line in the sand. U.S. jets …

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