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The words begin to fill the page.

The Story unfolds. Excitement builds. As authors, we all know this feeling, a sense of a story telling itself. And that’s when we know we have a story in search of readers. How to find those readers? How to reach them? That’s the business part of being an author.

That’s why Lucky Bat Books came to be.

Authors Helping Authors

Publishing, designing, editing, eBook and Print on Demand – we’ve got you covered. We’ll pull in as many, or as few, experts as you need to publish your book.

Contact us. Explore Lucky Bat Books here on our Website. Join us on Facebook, and let’s get your story told.

Book Creation Services

At Lucky Bat Books, our team of book creation experts are here to help you all the way through the publishing process, from editing, cover design, page layout, and ebooks. Whether you just need one piece like a cover design or you need us to design the whole finished book, we are here to help and walk you through the process.

Page Layout

Cover Design

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Audio Books


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A New Way of Publishing Your Book

Lucky Bat Books is leading the charge in a revolution to give writers what they need without taking royalties. We offer an entirely new publishing model to writers.

Publish Your Book Your Way – Pay No Percentage!

We offer every service you can find with traditional publishing, but we take no percentage. Your profits are yours. Why? Because it’s your book. We might edit it; we might make you a cover; we might even help you figure out your publicity. But we don’t write the book, so we don’t own it. You do. 100 percent.  READ MORE about Lucky Bat Books’ approach to publishing your book.

About our team

The professionals brought together under the Lucky Bat Books umbrella work in a variety of genres, offering writers an alternative to the traditional royalty-driven business model. Our team includes professional editors, cover artists, book designers, and web developers—everything you need.

Our core team features two dedicated owners: Jessica Santina, an experienced editor, and Sarah Katreen Hoggatt, a talented designer. Alongside Jessica and Sarah, we collaborate with other skilled editors and designers, ensuring that every project receives expert attention and creative input.

Author's reviews

I thoroughly and unabashedly recommend Lucky Bat Books to any author who is considering publishing their manuscript. To the entire Lucky Bat Books team, what a role you have played over these last few months in making my book a reality. I cannot thank you all enough for your professionalism, your remarkable attitudes, your ability and willingness to meet my deadlines, and most importantly, for your friendships.
Fred Kloecker
Big Game Hunting 101
Looking back at the publishing process with Lucky Bat Books, one thing sticks out in my mind. Being a first time author, I often had to put my complete trust in the experience and skill of Cindie, Judith, and that of my Project Manager Jessica. These women were confident, professional and I felt comfortable taking their advice when, due to my lack of experience, I just couldn’t make up my mind. In the end, with their guidance and expertise, I have a product in which I feel exceedingly proud. Dreams come true with Lucky Bat.
Brooke Santina
Dishrags to Dirtbags
I happened on Lucky Bat Books when Cindie Geddes spoke at my writer's group. It was perfect timing as I'd just decided to stop beating my head against the "query and wait, query and wait," wall and look for a smaller publisher. Lucky Bat has been like a midwife for me. In four years I've published four novels and my fifth is in the wings. I could still be sitting in the "query and wait" cue, but instead, I'm learning, and growing, and selling books! Thank you for everything Lucky Bat!
Jacci Turner
The Birthright Series

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