“Arctic Under Attack” by Terry Katzer

It’s 1965, and as America is increasing its military presence in Southeast Asia, the Cold War is heating up in Alaska. The Russians, desperate to stop the spread of democracy, send their Air Force MiGs to make incursions, testing the much-touted North American DEW Line and drawing their own line in the sand. U.S. jets have scrambled but are unable to catch them.

Now an unlikely band of Americans must work together in the remote Alaskan landscape to thwart the enemy and ensure the nation’s safety.

There’s Henry Mullen, a Native American who works alongside his German shepherd as a wilderness hunting and fishing guide and still suffers flashbacks from the Korean War…

Bill Grist is a wounded ex-soldier and now-unsuspecting geologist from Nevada whose return to Alaska brings back memories of a long-ago whirlwind affair with a local woman and the many secrets she’s kept from him…

Janet Cooper is a crack shot—an FBI agent with a pilot’s license and nursing degree who must prove herself a vital asset to her male counterparts while relying on her wits and training to survive here in the Alaskan wilds…

As their stories and those of their compatriots converge, the intrigue, romance, and nonstop action of Terry Katzer’s debut novel will keep you guessing until the unbelievable and gripping climax. Inspired by historical events, Arctic Under Attack is a fictional account of the heroic efforts of a motley crew of Americans who cleverly outwitted the Russian military and stopped their advance in its tracks.

Available in print and ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and iBooks.

Managing Editor: Jessica Santina

Cover Design: Brandon Swann

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