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Publishing Your Book Your Way

Publish with Lucky Bat Books, where authors understand your needs, desires, sometimes even your dreams…


Authors Working for Authors

Lucky Bat Books provides you with all the professional services, coaching and expertise you need to make your book a success.  And that’s success on your terms, not ours.

How Does This New Kind of Publishing Work?

When your book is accepted for publication by Lucky Bat Books we sit down with you either in person or by phone and we divide up the tasks we know must be done well for your book to do well.

We provide services that cover the publishing gamut, from ghostwriting through ebook conversion through author websites and publicity. If you’re a writer, then we know you know how to do some of these tasks yourself; in fact, if you’re a writer, then you probably WANT to do some of these things yourself.

But which publishing services do you need?

  • Do you want a proofreader but not an editor?
  • Maybe you want a book cover design but not a Facebook page?
  • Or maybe you want to do it all yourself except for the ebook creation and publishing?
  • And then again, maybe you want to do it all yourself but you know you’ll need some coaching along the way?

By now you see what we mean: Your book published Your way.

That’s what sets Lucky Bat Books apart. We’re not ever going to take a percentage of your sales or profits; we’re here to publish, publicize and coach you to succeed as an author.

Check out our services and our fees. Then send us an email; we’ll talk.