The Potency!

Lucky Bat Books is pleased to announce the publication of Ben Garrido’s wacky dystopian satire, The Potency! (And yes, that exclamation point is part of the title.)

In a world turned upside down by the God of Potency’s prancing dickishness – Queen Elizabeth II in orbit, the Dalai Lama partially digested – two heroes set out to restore natural order, overcome crippling dandruff and escape the pull of the Mongolian Illuminati.

Chul, a self-righteous South Korean salaryman, vows to find and consume the vaunted Twinkie of Destiny, achieve 15 minutes of earthly omnipotence, restore the honor of Korea and lay Japan low. He is joined by CJ, a vengeful American plumber who seeks to punish the God of Potency and strike at Islam to avenge the tragedy of 9/11.

Can anyone stop the God of Potency? Can our heroes find the Twinkie of Destiny before it’s too late? Will either CJ or Chul stop being an asshole? There’s only one way to find out!