A New Way of Publishing Your Book

Lucky Bat Books™ is leading the charge in a revolution to give writers what they need without taking royalties. We offer an entirely new publishing model to writers.

Publish Your Book Your Way. Pay No Percentage

We offer every service you can find with traditional publishing, but we take no percentage. Your profits are yours. Why? Because it’s your book. We might edit it; we might make you a cover; we might even help you figure out your publicity. But we don’t write the book, so we don’t own it. You do. 100 percent.

How Lucky Bat Works as Your Publisher

Lucky Bat Books is a simple idea:

But it also feels a little revolutionary, considering our own experiences in the publishing world.

Publishing and Publicity Pros Working for You

To make that idea a reality, we are working with people all around North America – editors, artists, publicity experts, legal experts, Web experts, and on and on. Our idea is to provide writers all the tools they need to take their books from idea to bestseller, all under one umbrella.

However, we will be honest with you (always). We are not advocating writers give up on traditional publishing. There are things they do better than us – print book distribution is certainly one. Because we do not buy any piece of copyright, there is no reason for you to stop submitting to traditional publishers while you are working with us (especially if you are only using our services for e-books).

Choose Publishing Services that Fit Your Needs

We’ll counsel, coach and help you determine what you need. Then, you decide. Lucky Bat offers an extensive menu of services to choose from.

Editorial Services

Take what you want, leave the rest. Need an editor? We have a bunch. Are you looking for critique, line editing, proof reading, full editing? We’ve got folks from all over North America with different tastes, life experiences, styles. You want a grammarian with a ruler to shake at you? Oh yeah, she’s here. Want someone who doesn’t get offended if you use sentence fragments? No problem. Just worried about typos? Us too.

Book Cover Art

How about a cover? We have artists who work in mosaic, paint, photography, line drawing and computer design (and we think one guy works in Crayon, but we’re not sure). Do you need a full cover design or do you have art you want made into a cover? Yup, you’re at the right place.

EBook Conversion and Publishing

Need a book formatted for the various e-readers? We can do that (it’s really not so hard).

Legal & Accounting Help for Authors

How about an IP lawyer to help you with a contract offer? Or a tax expert who can help you find all those great deductions? Or a corporate attorney to help you set up a corporation so you can get even more and better deductions? We have money people!

From designers to publicity experts, IP attorneys to tax advice, Web gurus to proofreaders, we have it all. You write a great book; we’ll take care of the rest – or a little part of the rest. How much you do, how much we do, is all up to you.

With Lucky Bat Books, you can take control of your own career, delegating as much or as little as you want to us. We won’t try to sell you more services, and we won’t make things sound more complicated than they are. We are book people. We want to get more great books into the hands of readers, and we want to do that in a way that lets writers exercise complete control over their own books.

Please see our submission guidelines, and we hope to welcome you to our Lucky Bat family soon.