Fiction Proposal Outline

Fiction Proposal Outlines can be created in many formats; this is just one and happens to be one we here at Lucky Bat Books like a lot.

The Fiction Proposal Outline

(Written in third-person, present tense)
  • Summarize the action of the story (1-3 pages):
    • Introduce the main character in a setting with a problem.
    • Explain what the character wants, what his or her problem is.
    • Show how character goes about getting what he/she wants or solving problem, including major turning points and complications.
    • Ending (be sure to include whether or not the main character gets what he/she was after or solved the problem plaguing him/her).
  • Genre, word count, target audience
  • Explain how your book is different (a paragraph or two).
  • Bio (including past publications, do you work within the field you are writing about, do you have a massive following on social networks, etc) (a paragraph to a page)
  • Contact info, Web site, Facebook, Twitter, etc.