Business of Writing Coaching

If Writing is Your Business, then Let’s Make Money

Professionals get paid, and they embrace the fact that they are running a business. This applies to writers, too. Professional writers.

Why Coaching in the Business of Writing?

With the hundreds (really, by now, would that be thousands?!) of blogs and sites advising you on what you as an author need to do to succeed — to optimize your Website, advertise, market, target market, direct market, e-market, relational market, promote, publicize, track revenue streams, install analytics, analyze, interlock accounts, integrate, and build and so on and so on — many of us have got to wonder: where do I start? What do I do first? And what then? What about print? What about ebook formats? What about pricing?

And when do I get to write again?

The answer to this essential question is always, “now.” And “first.”

Professional writers write.

But to be a professional that means you get paid, right? So you need to do the other things also. Second. But also, and always.

Personal Coaching Because

In today’s world, no single checklist fits all. No single strategy works for everyone. And why should it?

Each writer is individual, with different strengths and desires. Different jobs on the list of promotions, for example, appeal and repel, depending. Some of you have admitted that you LOVE Pinterest; some have told us it’s an abysmal waste of time.

As in all things having to do with running a business, best advice is to build on your strengths. Build and develop those talents and assets that you know you do well, that you have a passion for, that you give yourself gold stars for: be the best in those arenas and hire out what you don’t like or don’t do well. It’s a long-term strategy.

Lucky Bat Books offers personal coaching to writers being published by Lucky Bat Books as well as self-published authors. Coaching sessions are set up with project managers. They help you tackle the puzzle of succeeding as a writer: When the book is published, what next? How do you run the business side of being a professional writer while also continuing to write?

Business of Writing Sessions:

Sessions are one hour, with a recommended 2-session minimum, $85/hour. Schedule the sessions to meet your timeline and needs.