Publishing Author Backlists

Book Rights Reverted. Now What?

Never leave a good book in a drawer. Come to Lucky Bat Books to publish your backlist in ebook and print.

Briefly, here are a few reasons to be published by Lucky Bat Books.

  • We take NO royalties and charge NO ongoing fees. All of your income generated from your book belongs to you. 100 Percent. You retain total control. Imagine what that feels like! Refreshing.
    • You retain your copyright 100 percent, right from the beginning.
    • You can choose to print, publish in ebook format, move your book to a different printer, at any time. You own your book.
  • You work with an expert book project manager, one point of communication.
    • Ask questions. We answer and share all we know to help you in your writing business.
    • Stay informed on your book’s progress.
    • Be part of the decision process — the biggest part.
  • Work with professionals. You tap into our large stable of professional talent. Scanning from paper, converting from old existing ereader versions, and starting with Word doc. We begin where you need us.
    • We make sure that you are working with experts, whether that is in cover art, design, ebook creation, editing or any other publishing skills. We’ve already vetted the people who will work for you.
  • Custom, never cookie-cutter, service. You are not a number on a conveyer belt. You become a Lucky Bat Books author, and we take you under our wing.
  • Lucky Bat Book Imprint. If your book is published by Lucky Bat Books, it is not self-published, even though you are in control of most of the process. Lucky Bat Books is a new kind of publisher, taking no percentage but still providing a true imprint and respected brand for your book.

Contact us about your backlist via our contact form or send us a note to judith at, using the traditional email format, please, as this rendition is just for spam control.

Samples of Books Published from Authors’ Backlists