Advisory Board

Lucky Bat Books Advisory Board Rocks!

We are so thankful to our Advisory Board for all of their insights and help! We didn’t just create this idea or company out of thin air. We couldn’t have! It took learning and research and the graciousness of people who know more than we do. And these are those people.

Dean Wesley Smith

Dean Wesley Smith

No way could we have started Lucky Bat Books without what Cindie learned from Dean. In fact, the idea for the press began when Dean was encouraging her and other workshop attendees to stop being such sheep and start thinking for themselves when it came to their businesses. When Dean “encourages,” you either cower or think. Cindie did a little of both. Dean’s insistence that much of publishing is based on myths was, and is, key to how Lucky Bat Books operates. Learn more about Dean (and myths) at The Writings and Opinions of Dean Wesley Smith.

Kristine Kathryn RuschKristine Kathryn Rusch

Kristine is one of those people who makes us think, “I want to be like that when I grow up,” regardless of age. Lucky Bat Books is carrying on the spirit she teaches in the workshops she runs with Dean – the spirit of empowerment, control and agility. We don’t withhold anything we know. We don’t manipulate people into thinking they need Lucky Bat services to take control of their careers. We answer the questions of anyone who asks and we are trying to shatter myths and empower writers in business. To learn more about Kris and the publishing biz, go to Kris Writes (and be sure to check out the Business Rusch).

Scott William CarterScott Carter

Scott has a big, brainy nerd-head deliciously adept at all things wired. But more important than his nerd-head is his ability to translate complicated wired things to non nerd-heads (or maybe different flavors of nerd would be more accurate). He made the idea brought about from the cowering and thinking seem like something anyone with real passion could do. Passion, we’ve got. To learn more about Scott, go to The Web World of Scott William Carter.

G.Z. Sutton

Garrett Sutton

A simple idea becomes really complex when it gets transformed into a business. Garrett has been able to take some really jelly-fish-like ideas and wrestle them into a corporation and contracts and all the other legalese needed to protect and serve writers. Learn more about Garrett at Sutton Law or Garrett’s Blog.

This Board has been answering our questions and alerting us to dangers we may not have seen. They are all writers but have also been publishers, entrepreneurs, legal experts and always teachers. They have helped make sure our good intentions don’t get flogged by reality. But best of all, they remind us that our endeavor is a good one.