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The Lucky Bat Books team of professionals includes experts who guide you through your publishing experience.


When you work with Lucky Bat Books, you always have an experienced publisher by your side. Each author who works with us is given a Managing Editor. This person guides you through the whole process and is the one who brings your project through to completion.

All of our managers have their own individual areas of expertise and will coordinate our team of experts so you get exactly what you need. We are editors, artists, designers, and marketers. All of us have organizational talents to wrangle all the bits and pieces of your project through to finished form, from manuscript, to book cover, to online, and print reality.

Please take a look. We know you’ll be as in awe of our team as we are!

Cindie Geddes

Cindie Geddes

Co-Owner & Editor

Cindie Geddes (Co-owner & Editor) is a full-time freelance writer and editor for with decades of experience and co-founded Lucky Bat Books along with Judith Harlan (now retired). Having written more than 300 magazine articles, 14 short stories, and several essays, Cindie has also co-written two non-fiction books and ghost-written a dozen others. She has also edited three Northern Nevada magazines.

Cindie has critiqued and edited dozens of books across many genres. She spends any free time she might have researching the writing industry and exploring creativity as a lifestyle choice. (And sometimes she makes time to write. You can find some of her short stories published under the name CC Geddes.)

We like to joke that Cindie brings the batty to Lucky Bat because her enthusiasm tends to travel in a dozen directions at once. But she always brings that same enthusiasm to each Lucky Bat writer. Whether an author needs a pep talk or a tech solution, she’s got it.

Cindie lives in Reno with her husband, Jason, son, Joe, and a small pack of disobedient pets.

Jessica Santina

Co-Owner & Editor

Jessica Santina (Co-owner & Editor) is a writer and editor who specializes in a unique blend of commercial, literary, and academic work. In addition to having edited five regional magazines, as well as several books and dissertations, her writing credits include ghostwritten books, articles in numerous local and regional publications, and copy writing for e-zines, websites, collateral pieces, and online direct marketing sites. As a managing editor for Lucky Bat, Jessica gets the opportunity to make order out of chaos — something from which she takes an inordinate amount of pleasure.

Jessica lives in the Reno area with her husband and daughter, and spends her free time (when she isn’t grading papers or sleeping) reading novels, experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes, taking walks, or playing with her daughter.

Sarah Katreen Hoggatt

Co-Owner & Graphic Designer

Sarah Katreen Hoggatt (Co-owner & Graphic Designer) has been writing, designing, and running her own publishing company for over twenty years. The author of several books including her latest, Finding Love’s Way, she also writes for several publications around the world. With a wealth of experience editing and laying out books of poetry, prose, academic works, memoirs, and anthologies, and guiding other authors through the process of publishing, as a Managing Editor, she knows well the whole process from the first idea for a book to marketing the printed copies.

At home in Salem, Oregon, Sarah can often be found on a hiking trail, drawing, or working on a book of her own. She is passionate about creating spaces where people can step up, share their stories, and live their lives as well as write about them.

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Stacey Spain-managing editor- Lucky Bat Books

Stacey Spain


Stacey Spain (Co-owner) 
Writers passionate about their novels, plays, memoirs, business writing, and essays will find Stacey a champion, cheerleader, and tough editor.

Providing services from line edits to content, style, and form discussions, she works with you so that your writing is clear, direct, expressive, and of the highest quality. Your goals deeply matter to her—she is finished when you are happy. With 20+ years teaching, editing, and writing, her work in theater has taught her the process of bringing work from the page to the stage and back. Dialogue, character development and plot-making using the Susan Zeder method are among her strengths and she understands the need to draft and redraft to completion.

Stacey makes her home in Reno, Nevada where you can find her spending time with her daughter and directing theater.

Dayle Dermatis


Dayle Dermatis (Editor) has worked in nearly every facet of publishing: from writing, editing, design, to printing. Dayle has freelanced as an editor with Lucky Bat Books for many years. One project that especially stands out was doing developmental editing on Dishrags to Dirtbags by Brooke Santina, and she’s convinced all her projects will be just as much fun—largely because she loves all aspects of publishing, including getting just as enthusiastic about a project as the author is.

Writing in a variety of genres, on her own and with coauthors, she’s sold several novels and more than a hundred short stories to date, and owns her own publishing company, Soul’s Road Press. She’s also been a journalist, production editor, copy editor, and indexer. Her work is top quality.

Although she’s lived in Wales and traveled the world, Dayle grew up in upstate New York and now lives in southern California within scent of the ocean with her husband, where she writes and edits, immerses herself in story (books and TV), works on their 1911 Craftsman-style bungalow, and goes to as many Styx shows as she possibly can (the number strangely keeps pace with the number of short stories she’s sold).

Louisa Swann

Louisa Swann

Editor & Managing Editor

Louisa Swann (Editor & Managing Editor) is a working writer with published short stories in both DAW and Pocketbook anthologies. She has a growing list of self-published novels, nonfiction books, and short stories available both online and in print.

Her background in publishing includes working as a reader and editor for a small press publisher in the 90’s as well as writing and editing a miscellaneous collection of newsletters and editorials. She is also a small business owner and an active member in a local Toastmasters club, both of which entail a variety of business writing and editing.

Though writing is her first passion, editing and creating books runs a close second. There’s nothing more satisfying than helping another writer turn dreams into reality!

Michael J. Totten

Managing Editor

Michael J. Totten (Managing Editor) loves everything about books: writing them, editing them, reading them, even looking at them—and enjoys the process of turning a manuscript into a beautifully published book almost as much as the author. Adept at marketing anything, from books to technology, Michael is a veteran copy editor, line editor, content editor, paperback designer, e-book designer, and conversion coder.

Michael is a prize-winning author and award-winning journalist whose very first book, The Road to Fatima Gate, won the Washington Institute Book Prize. His novel, Resurrection, has been optioned for film. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and The New Republic among numerous other publications, and he’s a contributing editor at World Affairs and City Journal.

While Michael once lived in Iowa City, Iowa, and even in Beirut, Lebanon, he has made it back home and lives now in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and two cats.