RJ Bucchianeri

Author of Django Jagger and The Mirror of The Moon

Death and life, courage and risk – All come together in a story of the Amazon and a boy’s determination to save his father. By RJ Bucchianeri.

Django Jagger & The Mirror of The Moon by RJ BucchianeriThe Story: When fourteen year old Django Jagger launches a reckless search in the Amazon jungle to find his father, he has no idea that he soon will be dancing on the head of a black crocodile. Or that he’ll be bitten by a bird-eating tarantula or captured by cannibals with strange ideas about what makes for a tasty breakfast. He could never have imagined that he would storm a jungle fortress guarded by a hundred armed bad guys with only a mutant frog and a gonzo mapmaker by his side. But even greater dangers confront Django when he battles to save his father from the monstrous Scorpio Rune who will stop at nothing to gain the gold and the secret of eternal life hidden at the Mirror of the Moon.

RJ Bucchianeri is the author of the Django Jagger series, including Django Jagger & The Mirror of the Moon as well as the forthcoming Django Jagger & The People of Darkness. He is also the author of The Watch That Could Do Anything, a fantasy adventure for kids of all ages. When he isn’t writing or having nightmares about the Amazon jungle, he can be found with his wife and son exploring Cape Cod where he lives in a cottage in the woods at the end of a long dusty road surrounded by cranberry bogs.

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