J.M. Wolfe

The Branchpoint Chronicles, Book 1: Magic’s Fire

Magics Fire, Book 1, The Branchpoint Chronicles by J.M. WolfeThe Tale Begins: Pel Ravenstock is a young hunter whose life revolves around his friends, family, and his uncanny skill with a bow – that is, until he is tracked down by the mysterious sorcerer, Obrezon, leader of the reptilian Sklath. Obrezon warns of a catastrophe that will devour the entire world. A disaster that cannot be averted without Pel’s help. But none guess that Pel himself might be the greatest threat of all…. Magic’s Fire, First of The Branchpoint Chronicles 

Published in ebook and in paperback versions. Look for Book II coming soon.


The Branchpoint Chronicles, Short Story Prequel: 

The Spark of Magic

And so it begins:  In this exciting prequel to the sci fi/fantasy series, The Branchpoint Chronicles, an act of mercy plunges three friends into a world of magic, danger and life changing discoveries. Not only their lives but the future of their world hang in the balance.




Available as an e-book.

Author J.M. Wolfe has published over two dozen works of fiction and nonfiction, including three Star Trek stories in the acclaimed series of anthologies, Strange New Worlds. A retired University of Oregon mathematics professor, he lives on the central Oregon coast with his lovely wife, Cheryl, their faithful dog, Granger, and Weasley the wonder cat. Follow the author and The Branchpoint Chronicles at JerryMWolfe.com.