Co-Founder Cindie Geddes

Cindie Geddes
These are a few of my favorite words (please sing to the tune of that song from that Julie Andrews movie with the Nazis -- the one I thought was just about a happy singing family. But, no. Nazis. It's always Nazis.)

Cindie Geddes is co-founder and co-owner of Lucky Bat Books.

Before Lucky Bat Books, she was a full-time freelance writer and editor for 13 years as owner of Flying Hand Writing Services in Reno, Nevada. She sold more than 300 magazine articles, 14 short stories, and several essays. She co-wrote two non-fiction books and ghost-wrote12, while editing more than a dozen others. She also edited three Northern Nevada magazines.

Beyond her job, Cindie has critiqued and edited dozens of books across many genres. She spends any free time she might have researching the writing industry and exploring creativity as a lifestyle choice. (And sometimes she makes time to write. You can find some of her short stories published under the name CC Geddes.)

We like to joke that Cindie brings the batty to Lucky Bat because her enthusiasm tends to travel in a dozen directions at once. But she always brings that same enthusiasm to each Lucky Bat writer. Whether an author needs a pep talk or a tech solution, she’s got it.

Cindie lives in Reno with her husband, Jason, 10-year-old son, Joe, and a small pack of disobedient pets.