Lucky Bat Book Services & Fees

You’ll never give away a percentage of your book to Lucky Bat Books. We can guarantee that, forever, and we think that’s important for professional writers and we know that’s one reason writers choose Lucky Bat Books over a plethora of online options.  We charge a one-time fee for all of the publishing services we offer. And no more. Ever Why we will never take a percentage: We want to empower you, the author, to stay in charge of your writing business, and the first step to that goal? Hold on to your future profits. Invest now, and not for the rest of the life of your book. Questions? Please contact us with any questions. We are happy to explain or to provide you with an estimate. Thank you!


Are you working on publishing a book and need an editor to help refine the work? We are here to help you edit your manuscript, do a developmental edit, check for spelling and grammar while allowing for poetic license, and offer ways to improve what you want to say.

As writers ourselves, we know how precious each book is to the one who wrote it and we will respect your voice and your message as we refine and bring out the best in every line.

Cover Design

A great book cover is essential to your success as an author. A professionally designed cover will not only grab your reader’s attention but also sets the tone for the text inside. To get a reader to pick up the book and turn the pages, an attractive cover is vital.

If you want art created for your cover, we know several excellent artists we can recommend.

Cover Rescue – you started it, it’s not working, you need help. Contact us to see how we can help.

Print Book Design & Publishing

A beautifully designed book is important to your success as an author. With a professional design, it will not only make reading easier for a buyer, but a professional layout will stand out among the competition and let people know you are a serious author.

As professional book designers, we love taking the manuscript into which you have poured your time and energy and returning to you a beautiful book you can be proud of, one that reflects your talent and the importance of your story.

We can then upload your final layout to Amazon, IngramSpark, Lightning Source or other alternative.

E-book Design & Publishing

A well-coded ebook is important to your success as an author. A professionally designed book will not only make reading easier but a professionally coded book will also stand out among the competition and let people know you are a serious author.

As a professional ebook coder, we will make your book look beautiful, organized, and easy to navigate.

Our e-book coding includes placement with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords, if needed. Graphs, illustrations, photos, links and graphics can be included in your ebook; fees for this work are in addition and based on the graphics provided and complexity required.

Non-fiction, poetry, short story collections, etc., all have ever-evolving ebook technological possibilities; please contact us for an estimate.

Rescue of your ebook conversions; you started it, it’s not working, you need help. We can fix it.

Author Consulting Services

Author consulting or author coaching is when you meet with an experienced publisher to talk about the road ahead to get your book published and what changes you can make for your project to be successful.

What we talk about is up to you. Some people come to us with specific questions on how to market their book and which platforms would be best to use. Others are coming to the end of the writing stage of their books and are unsure on how to proceed from there. Whether you need specific information and tools in your hand or guidance on the polishing of your manuscript, we are here for you to help you see your finished book between two covers and in your readers’ hands.

Audio Books

Contact us for an estimate. Options include a complete audio package; editing and mastering only; coaching you through the ACX process if you are doing it all yourself.


If you are a Lucky Bat Book author, you will need an ISBN for every version of your book. For example, for both a print book and an ebook, you will need two ISBNs.

Are you an independent-minded writer and have a book you’d like to submit to Lucky Bat Books? For both fiction and non-fiction, take a look at our submission guidelines and contact us.

We are here to help you take charge of your professional writing career.