Our Story

A new approach to publishing

Judith Harlan and Cindie Geddes were enjoying lunch outside on a beautiful summer day in Reno, Nevada in 2010. Talking about e-books and publishing in general, they were excited by the possibilities unfolding as e-readers hit the market and new opportunities unfolded for authors to publish their books.

As an industry never fond of change, most of publishing took a wait-and-see approach on the e-book format and authors being able to oversee the publishing of their own books. But what Judith and Cindie saw was the writing on the wall. As the sales of e-books doubled and new avenues opened for printing new books, authors publishing themselves became more than a passing fancy.

Enter Lucky Bat Books

The problem, as Judith and Cindie saw it, was that writers were still stuck in old New York thinking – the writer gets 20%, publisher gets 80% – for the life of the book. This hardly seems fair. A book that sells, sells because of the writing. A story that endures, endures because of the writing. If Cindie handed her husband The Old Man and the Sea written in crayon, he’d still want to buy it.

While we at Lucky Bat Books like to think we’re fathoms above writing in Crayon, we also recognize it is the story that sells. Therefore, Cindie and Judith founded a company for writers run by writers to help authors take advantage of these new opportunities by taking control of their own stories and the resulting income.

"Just wanted to send you a note of thanks for your efforts with my latest Saito Izumi story. You did your usual fantastic job and the story is so much better for it. Saito could not have been in better hands."
David Lee
Saito Izumi Short Stories

Creating Our Team

Judith and Cindie knew this new company needed a team of book publishing experts. This group would manage authors’ projects and provide the editing, design, and marketing services. Thus, they gathered around them a team of professionals who guide you through your publishing experience. They are our managing editors.

All our managers have their own individual areas of expertise. They may be editors, and they may be artists, designers or marketers. All of them have organizational talents that make it possible for them to wrangle all the bits and pieces of your project through, from manuscript to book cover to online and print reality.

Widening the Circle
of Ownership

In 2019, Judith Harlan decided it was time to retire from Lucky Bat Books so she could spend her days taking walks and spending more time with her partner. As Cindie wanted to continue running Lucky Bat Books as part of a team, Cindie and Judith offered ownership to three of the managing editors who had been with Lucky Bat Books since the early years and who were proven leaders and experts in their fields: Jessica Santina, Sarah Katreen Hoggatt, and Stacey Spain.

Now as a team of four, we are proud to continue serving our authors, publish books, and create new innovative ways to share your story with the world.

In a nutshell, we want to revolutionize the writing business. We hope you’ll join us.