The League of Ascenders by Spring Hellams

Journey of the Fledglings, First in a Series

League of Ascenders by Spring HellamsSynopsis: A new division is forming in the League of Ascenders. 12 new fledglings are each on a journey to discover who they really are, why they have powers, and what they’re called to do. Along the way, they meet, find love unexpectedly, and then discover that they’re all interconnected and being drawn to a place called the Landing. But something doesn’t want them to get there.

Spring Hellams

Spring’s love of reading sparked at age fourteen when, while trying to get her mother’s attention, her mom threw the book she was trying to read at Spring and told her to read it herself. She was so bored that she did. It was a Harlequin Romance novel, with a man and woman on the cover—probably embracing or some such thing. And her mother hadn’t thrown just any old book at her—it was a juicy one—well, it was for a fourteen-year-old anyway. She was hooked.

Over the years she delved into other genres too, such as fantasy, young adult, spiritual, children’s, historical romance, mystery and even some non-fiction. She always wondered why there weren’t more books that encompassed more than just one or two genres at a time; she always wanted to read a book with all her favorite things in it. And then it hit her—she would write it herself!

Spring hopes that in the future, “my goals are to make writing my full-time career, to stay humble, and have more time and resources to do the Lord’s work.”