The Birthright Series by Jacci Turner

Book One: The Cage

The Cage by Jacci TurnerFour students: thrown together in a high school summer class. Tyrell tells of a dream he’s been having, a girl needs help. Sam realizes she’s getting the same information, from her own sketches! Where is this information coming from? What is the Blue Group to do about it? Join Ty, Tiff, Sammy and Lando as they navigate the complicated world of high school friendship, romance and sex trafficking!

Book Two: The Bar

The Bar by Jacci TurnerWith Dawna’s court date against the sex traffickers approaching, her younger sister, Emily, has a chip on her shoulder as high asMt.Rose. When Dawna moved toReno, she left Emily all alone to face the gossip of their small hometown. Suddenly Emily is thrust into a bigger problem when she finds Loyalton’s most popular cheerleader on the floor of the school bathroom semi-conscious.  There are forces driving her and some new friends to take crazy risks. What is it? Where does it come from? Is there any hope of true friendship between seniors and freshman? And what about the boy in the barn?

Book Three: The Lamb

The third book in The Birthright Series

Tyrell and Tiffany are back in the last book of The Birthright Series. Ty and Tiff want to be together, but between her parents and his ex-girlfriend, Sheila, who still has her eye on Ty, their relationship seems doomed from the start. And now Ty is having disturbing dreams like the ones that led him and his Blue Group friends to the rescue of Dawna. Plus, Tiff’s new friend, Lorna, just might be crazy. Join Ty, Tiff, and their friends as they try to untangle this strange web of clues before it’s too late for … The Lamb.


The Finding Home Series

Jacci is also author of the middle grade books in The Finding Home Series. First in the series is Bending Willow, the story of a young girl’s search for her father. Read more about the series here.

Jacci Turner

Jacci lives in Reno, Nevada with her husband David and a sweet, big yellow dog. Oh, and one unfriendly cat. She loves to read and write and spend time with people half her age, feeling generally hopeful about the world.

She enjoys chocolate in all its manifestations.

“I began writing The Birthright Series three years ago. It took me a year to write. I wrote a chapter every Tuesday and after a year, the book was done. Then two years, 16 edits and 50 rejections later, I’m published! Piece of Cake!

I was on a flight to Costa Rica with my husband and I started pondering the idea of what it would be like if people started getting divine gifts but had no context for them. It was a really intriguing idea and I came up with the four main characters there and then. They took over from there and I was just along for the ride.”

Jacci explores different methods of reaching young readers, and in one of her 2014 efforts, she wrote Shipwrecked, a book that was written with school children through a program called EpiFiction. It was written in seven weeks with the students voting to influence the direction of the story. You can find it on Amazon or Barnes and Nobel, along with her other books. And read more by and about Jacci on her website: