Winter is Past by Victoria C. Slotto

by Victoria C. Slotto . . .

Claire thought she was done with fear.

 Winter Is PastShe knows fear intimately. She’s lived it. And survived, so far. The fear she knows is subtle and pervasive – like a slow tug – the loss of control that takes over when you’ve been caught in the arms of a riptide. Or like the blindness that surrounds your car when you creep your way through a heavy downpour, alone on a deserted stretch of highway.

To all appearances, Claire has a perfect life: a fulfilling career, a husband who loves her, and her health – thanks to the gift of a kidney transplant given to her by her best friend.

When all she holds dear is threatened, how will she find the inner strength to deal with her fears – especially her fear of loss?

Claire’s fear is every woman’s fear. Her question is every woman’s – can she survive?

 Victoria C. Slotto

RN, former hospice nurse, kidney transplant survivor, spiritual seeker – Victoria C. Slotto lives and writes in Reno, Nevada with her husband, David, and two dogs. Victoria writes fiction, poetry and an occasional article. Visit her at