Shane Borrowman, Lucky Bat Books Managing Editor

Welcome, Shane Borrowman

This week we are welcoming Shane Borrowman, editor, writer, and educator, to our stellar team of Lucky Bat Books managing editors. You’ll find Shane doing both developmental editing and copy-editing for a wide range of books, from one of his non-fiction loves−creative nonfiction−to suspense, genre, and literary novels, in short formats and full novel length.

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N. M. Cedeño

N. M. Cedeño was born and raised, and still lives, in Texas with her husband and their beautiful offspring. She attended the University of Texas at Austin. She is the author of Degrees of Deceit, part of the Bad Vibes Removal Services series.   Raised as a reader, she cut her teeth on Agatha Christie,

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Book of Hours by J.S. Anderson

Mr. Kissinger and Me

Elevating our expectations: Guest blog by J.S. Anderson, Lucky Bat Books Author of Book of Hours: The Beguilement of Brother Alphaios. There’s a story, likely apocryphal but nonetheless useful, about Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State during much of the 1970s.  Whatever one thought of his policies, he was almost universally considered an intellectual heavyweight, which is

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The 5 Most Overused Words (and how to stop using them)

by Jessica Santina.  If much of the writing that happens these days is any indication, there really is nothing new under the sun. People have amazing dinners, amazing weekends with family, amazingly productive workdays. Just this morning, E Online wanted me to read its list of “10 amazing facts” about Jennifer Aniston’s new fiance. Amazing?

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