Adrienne Tropp

Adrienne Tropp is the author of Somebody Forgot to Tell Harry: Harry Reid’s Journey from Searchlight to Spotlight, a young person’s biography of Senator Harry Reid. The book is written for children ages 8 through 12 (grades 3-6). It is the first book in the Nevada Biographies for Children series.

Adrienne Tropp has been a political junkie since probably the age of five. She listened intently to discussions by her family and neighbors, and as a young teenager began expressing her views to others. In college, she took a more active part in politics: She dispersed campaign literature, knocked on people’s doors, and did telephone canvassing. Her goal was often to get out the vote.

When she met her husband, Richard Tropp, she found a like-minded soul, so her interest in politics never waned. Their son and daughter, not surprisingly, grew up in a household filled with political debate.

Adrienne has taught in New York, Texas, North Carolina, and Nevada, the four states in which she’s lived. She has always believed students should not know their teachers’ political views. She is proud that her students rarely figured out whom she was supporting in an election.

After retiring from teaching, Adrienne ran a tutoring service, undertook her dream of writing, and found time for traveling. Perhaps her newest loves, her grandchildren, may supplant politics in her heart.

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