N. M. Cedeño

N. M. Cedeño was born and raised, and still lives, in Texas with her husband and their beautiful offspring. She attended the University of Texas at Austin. She is the author of Degrees of Deceit, part of the Bad Vibes Removal Services series.


For the Children's Sake by N.M. Cedeno

Raised as a reader, she cut her teeth on Agatha Christie, Georgette Heyer, Ngaio Marsh, and Mary Stewart books that she borrowed from her mother’s shelves or from the local library. From her father, she got collections of poetry, Hitchcock magazine short stories, psychology, and a love of learning in all disciplines from the humanities to the hard sciences. Writing came much later.

Cedeño’s writing includes children’s books and poetry (which she may publish someday). She enjoys writing short stories, both science fiction near-future mysteries and traditional mysteries. Her first published work was a near-future, sociological science fiction murder mystery solved by a private investigator. That short story, entitled “A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy,” appeared in the June 2012 issue of Analog: Science Fiction and Fact Magazine.

Her first Lucky Bat Books-published novel, All in Her Head, was released in print and ebook in July 2014. Her second, For the Children’s Sake, was released in print and ebook in July 2015.

The first novel in her Bad Vibes Removal Services short story series is The Walls Can Talk, which was released by Lucky Bat Books in print and ebook in October 2017.

For more from N. M. Cedeño, check out her website at NMCedeno.com.