"All in Her Head" by N.M. Cedeno

N.M. Cedeño’s “All In Her Head” released in print and ebook!

Lucky Bat Books is thrilled to announce the release of a gripping romantic thriller by an exciting new author!

Now available in print and ebook, All In Her Head showcases author N.M. Cedeño’s talent for building suspense, and introduces readers to a likeable, complex heroine who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Shy, socially awkward, and new in town, Martha Rowan is still adjusting to her new life in Dallas, Texas, when she stumbles into an attempted car-jacking. Now she’s unwittingly become the target of a killer intent on eliminating witnesses. Eager to discover the fate of the car-jacking victim, Curt Holliczek, Martha seeks out his family for answers. In her desire to make friends, she is drawn into the lives and activities of the seemingly friendly Holliczeks … especially Curt’s handsome brother, Daniel.

When the police determine that the car-jacking was a planned attack, not simply a random event, Martha must race to identify the mastermind behind the car-jacking and a series of increasingly violent attacks, before she herself ends up dead. Is the mastermind a drug lord in Peru with ties to Curt Holliczek’s lovely Peruvian wife, Alegria? Or could the villain be Martha’s new friend, the mysterious Daniel, a moody veteran with secrets of his own?

Plagued by the nightmares, insomnia, flashbacks, and anxiety of post-traumatic stress disorder, Martha’s own mental health is unstable. Now she’s forced to decide whom she can trust, where the truth lies, and whether she should listen to the strange voices in her head before someone else is killed.

All In Her Head is acompelling mystery romance that will grab you by the throat right from the first page and keep you guessing until the very end.

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