Help Wanted at Mount Vernon by Holly Young

Holly Young

Help Wanted at Mount Vernon

History and mathematics fun by Holly Young − A spitting lizard and fainting goat find themselves at Mount Vernon looking for work.  As they move from job to job at the mansion and on the grounds, they learn all the ways that George Washington used creative problem-solving to run a successful plantation in 1790 Virginia.  This book combines history and mathematics with adorable characters in order to teach students about the many talents of our first President of the United States.

The UnderAchievers

UnderAchievers cover by Charles NemitzFractions made fun in a story by math teacher Holly Young: What can Tully do when he fails the test to be an Easter bunny for the last time? The situation looks up as he and some under-achieving hopefuls get another chance. Will they be able to problem-solve their way through a maze of fractions to prove themselves worthy? Take a journey with some lovable characters as they explore the meaning of a fraction and its many representations.

About the Author

Holly Young is an educational consultant specializing in mathematics and gifted education.  Cathy Morgan is an American history teacher.  They are sisters who specialize in creating engaging lessons and stories for all students.