The Disappearing Man by Ron Goulet

Ron Goulet

Lucky Bat Books is proud to publish The Disappearing Man by award-winning playwright and poet Ron Goulet. A literary accomplishment, The Disappearing Man takes you on a trip that blends harsh reality with midlife frenzy, through a man’s coming to terms (or perhaps not) with his fear of women and of living a life but not living up to his expectations.

He’s a 40-year-old, somewhat happily married Arizona college professor when he disappears, which might be expected to be a clue leading to foul play, but this man reappears in Kansas. He’s in a pickup truck with some good ol’ boys and scrambling to decipher who he is, where he is, and why these guys think he’s a veterinarian. One disappearance would be a strange midlife crisis, but this man disappears again, and then again, reappearing in Mexico, in California and in situations, from drug-running dangerous to comical, all requiring that he “awaken” with his wits about him.

We enter the mind of a man lost in a dream, sometimes a nightmare, sometimes a sublime reverie, always a trip well-worth taking.

This story begins thusly:

“The first time I disappeared I was forty years old.   They say life begins after forty.  That’s gotta be a laugher.  My LIVES began after forty!   That is, my many lives began after I began disappearing….”

About Ron Goulet

In addition to the novel, The Disappearing Man, Ron Goulet has written three other novels, Dear Dad, Infant Sorrow, and Mercy Murders,  eighteen plays, two screenplays, and several books of poetry.  His tetralogy, American Dreams, won the Rubidoux Resident Theatre’s International Playwriting Contest and was subsequently produced; his one-act play, Play Dumb, has seen two productions, one in Dallas, TX, and another at the Fringe Play Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.   Additionally, several other plays have received full productions and/or staged readings, including Unwild West with Real Indians and The Ideal Diner. Ron has also worked as an English professor for over thirty years. Currently, he is an Emeritus Professor at Northland Pioneer College.