Cruicible Womb poetry by Jill Marlene

Jill Marlene

“Songs of human interconnection…”

Crucible Womb is a collection of poetry surrounding the journey to the authentic self. According to author Charlie O’ Hay, Jill’s poems are, “songs of human interconnection, deeply rooted in the power of the natural world. They are “we” poems, both embracing and contemplative. As fingers might trace an old scar or explore the body of a new lover, these poems address both the gamble and pain of human experience with humility and grace.”

About the Poet

Jill Marlene also works as a marriage and family therapist intern so much of the work is profoundly influenced by the philosophical and personal issues surrounding psychological development and change. Gender differences, child abuse, recovery, existentialism, self knowledge, family trauma, family systems, love, child rearing, mindfulness and the integration of dualistic opposites are all themes explored in her work.