Cooking Up Stories

Lucky Bat Books Editors Collaborate on Cooking Up Stories:

Favorite Recipes from the Oregon Writers’ Network Edited and compiled by Lucky Bat Books Managing Editors Dayle A. Dermatis and Louisa Swann, Cooking Up Stories gathers together favorite writers’ recipes, from deadline crunch munchies to celebratory feasts. With an introduction by Dean Wesley Smith and including a recipe by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Oregon Writers’ Network mentors […]

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Dorothy Mack, author of The Handless Maiden

Dorothy Black Crow

Author of The Handless Maiden and Belonging to the Black Crows An award-winning poet, fiction writer and former professor of literature at Oglala Lakota College and the University of Michigan, author Dorothy Black Crow explores the reality of life on the Pine Ridge Reservation, from her own experience as a woman married to a Lakota

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The Homeowner Blueprint by Anthony Biagi

Anthony Biagi

The Homeowner Blueprint: Navigating the Real Estate Storm When the housing market began to collapse in late 2007 many, including professional investors, were unprepared for exactly what that would mean in terms of personal and investment properties. Home values quickly devalued, mortgage rates adjusted, millions were suddenly unemployed, and houses went into foreclosure at a

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Janis Ian

Janis Ian

Society’s Child—The autobiography behind Janis Ian’s 2013 Grammy for Best Spoken Word. Janis Ian began her career as a singer-songwriter in the 1960s with “Society’s Child.” In 1975, she won her first Grammy Award for the self-penned song, “At Seventeen”. She won her second Grammy in 2013 for her reading of Society’s Child: My Autobiography, in audiobook.

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Dr. Michael J. Lewandowski

Author of Chronic Pain Care Workbook, 2011 Author Dr. Michael J. Lewandowski is a licensed clinical health psychologist and is president of Pain Assessment Resources.  He has extensive training and experience in the application of psychological principles to problems in medicine and a professional background that includes serving on the Board of Psychological Examiners for

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