The Homeowner Blueprint by Anthony Biagi

Anthony Biagi

The Homeowner Blueprint: Navigating the Real Estate Storm

When the housing market began to collapse in late 2007 many, including professional investors, were unprepared for exactly what that would mean in terms of personal and investment properties.

Home values quickly devalued, mortgage rates adjusted, millions were suddenly unemployed, and houses went into foreclosure at a rate not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

As someone who has lived through the worst circumstances of these current trying times, Anthony Biagi realized that there was no one single place where he could get the information he needed regarding the steps that are available for someone in foreclosure, underwater on their mortgage, or both, as well as how to repair damaged credit. This is that book. Everything you need to know about the foreclosure process or dealing with an underwater property is here, compiled in one place, to help you steer your way through the challenging waters of the foreclosure and underwater mortgage financial storm.