Grant Korgan

Two Feet Back by Grant KorganParalyzed in 2010 and told the independence he cherished would be a thing of the past, Grant Korgan, in his new book, Two Feet Back, shares his remarkable journey of spinal cord injury recovery, fueled by love and an unbreakable spirit.

On March 5, 2010, Grant Korgan, a nanomechanical engineer, professional athlete and husband, was snowmobiling for a film shoot in the Sierra Nevada backcountry. During a fairly routine jump, Korgan, eager for adventure after spending long months in the Stanford Nanofabrication lab, overshot his landing by just two feet, fracturing his first lumbar vertebra.

Instantly paralyzed from the waist down, Korgan endured a harrowing rescue effort, excruciating pain, a nine-hour spinal surgery and an immobilizing understanding of what this injury would do to him, his new wife of only five months, his family and friends, his career and his perfectly premeditated plans for the future.

Decide What You Want. Choose Positivity.

In his new book, Two Feet Back, published by the team at Lucky Bat Books, Grant Korgan shares the story of his incredible fight to get his own two feet back, through unwavering love, determination and positivity. With his wife, Shawna, a former fitness trainer and wellness facility owner, playing a vital role, the Korgans designed and undertook a rigorous, activity-based therapy program built on a goal of 120 percent recovery, believing that the word “no” was unacceptable. Along the way, the two embarked on alternative therapies, met remarkable people who changed their lives and sparked the Korg 3.0 Movement that has inspired countless others around the world.

As he worked with Lucky Bat Books through his recovery and in the midst of it, Grant’s message spread exponentially, so that what began as a modest idea for a book became a movement, a philosophy and a new way of living —a life of  Possibilities— for uncounted people throughout the world.

Grant believes that when all people shed the weight of their own limitations, everything becomes possible. By simply standing in his truth, Grant aims to empower the world with the idea that everyone can remember to live the highest version of themselves, and that people can choose everyday to live their limitless potential. Grant and Shawna Korgan live in Sparks, Nevada. Two Feet Back, the story of Korgan’s injury and first year of recovery, published by Lucky Bat Books, is Grant Korgan’s first book.

Read more about the inspiring movement he has started: Korg 3.0 Movement, at You’ll find his book in both ereader and print versions.