Lucky Bat Welcomes Patti Doty, a Fresh Voice in Women’s Fiction!

From the moment we read the first chapter of Patti Doty’s Finding Home and met her plucky protagonish Quinn, we were hooked! We’re sure you will be too. Lucky Bat Books is excited to welcome author Patti Doty to our list of authors, and we’re even more excited to announce the long-awaited release of Finding Home, the follow-up to her first book in the series, Runaway.

Quinn DeMello has a long history of making bad decisions. Her problem-solving tactics—alcohol, sex, and running away—haven’t served her well. Now, in the days after 9/11, psychotherapist Quinn abandons her safe haven and her lover, Owen, to volunteer with the Red Cross. In the midst of trauma, the forty-three-year-old is determined to change her ways. Stunned by the destruction and in awe of the workers’ heroism at the Pentagon crash site, she puts aside her inner turmoil and applies her skills—her flute, her chanting, and her focused attention—to help these heroes keep going.

Enter Chris McLean, MD, nicknamed “Heartbreak Harry”: surgeon and rescue chief with a marked interest in his newest recruit. Meanwhile, Owen is determined to be Quinn’s knight in shining armor … whether she wants one or not. Heartbroken and confused, Quinn’s dangerous old ways are rearing their ugly head.

But when an unexpected event threatens her very existence, Quinn must make hard choices, and maybe, just maybe, she can keep herself alive.

Available in print and ebook.

Managing Editor: Jessica Santina

Cover Design: Nuno Moreira

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