Ransom Dreams by Robert Bucchianeri

Robert Bucchianeri

Robert Bucchianeri is a master of suspense and thrillers.

His latest book, the 2013 thriller, Ransom Dreams. He is also author of Between a Smile and a Tear, Acapella Blues, and the erotic suspense thriller,Love Stings.

Under his pen name, RJ Bucchianeri, he is author of adventure books, the Django Jagger young adult adventure series and The Watch That Could Do Anything.

Ransom Dreams

What motivates a sociopath? Elaine Burnett must find out or die, tormented, trying, along with her lover.
Frustrated with her lover’s inability to commit to marriage and a child, Elaine Burnett responds to a personal ad placed by Walker Thomas Trumbo, a sociopath and philosopher with a hellish notion about family values. Elaine’s one innocent act sets off a cascade of events that will turn her life upside down and threaten it, as well as that of her lover, psychologist Alan Everson. As Walker relentlessly stalks the couple, they struggle to solve the mystery of what is driving their tormentor before he destroys their love and their lives.

The novel is  reminiscent of George Dawes Green’s, The Juror, particularly with regard to his exquisitely rendered antagonist and also similar to Jonathan Kellerman’s Alex Delaware psychological thrillers.

Love Stings

Love Stings by Robert BucchianeriElizabeth Jane Berg, a refugee from her own childhood, is a beekeeper leading a quiet life on Cape Cod. She’s tormented by painful memories and suppressed anger. When she meets Monica, a mysterious woman without a past, a vessel brimming with desire and ambition, Elizabeth begins to unravel. A fuse is lit triggering a devious plot that  spirals out of control and ultimately ensnares Elizabeth and her whole family in an all consuming tragedy.

Between a Smile and a Tear

Between a Smile and a Tear by Robert BucchianeriA blackmailing stripper. A self-help preaching hit man. A gangster with a penchant for leeches. Just another twisty, kinky night for Jack Waters on the mean streets of San Francisco.

Acapella Blues

Acapella Blues by Robert BucchianeriSam Ravello, a singer-songwriter living on Cape Cod, tries to help a young Romanian woman and her little boy and becomes entangled in a sinister plot involving corruption, blackmail, and a violent criminal underworld. The mystery Sam solves is sadder than any song he’s ever written, a dirge about innocence forever lost and the extremes of love betrayed.

About the Author, Robert Bucchianeri

Robert Bucchianeri is the author of the psychological thriller, Ransom Dreams, the suspense thriller, Between a Smile and a Tear, the rock n’roll mystery, Acapella Blues, and the erotic thriller, Love Stings. He is also the author of several books for young people and the young-at-heart, including The Watch That Could Do Anything and Django Jagger and the Mirror of The Moon, as well as the forthcoming Django Jagger and the People of Darkness. He can be found roaming the byways and bogs on Cape Cod where he lives with his wife, son, and incredibly charming pup, Buddy.

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