Publishing at Lucky Bat Books

What a week. What a Week! it’s been at Lucky Bat Books! And, I admit, truly, it’s been more than a week since I (Judith) last blogged. But we’ve been hopping busy. Too busy to blog. Guess you’ve heard that one before – and said it, too, I imagine?

We’re Proud to be Part of Douglas Smith’s Entourage

Douglas Smith’s short stories and novelettes are published – 20 of them! – on Smashwords and making their way through the pipeline to Amazon as we speak. These include award-winning titles – A Bird in Her Hand, Memories of the Dead Man, and etcetera etcetera. All great reads!

Book Cover Art

We get many many requests for cover art. Not surprising, I think, since most of us are writers – word people – and not visual artists. For Lucky Bat Books, Charles Nemitz has been creating some terrific covers. You can’t see them yet as they are in the publishing pipeline still. But I know you’ll love them when you see them. (Unveiling coming soon.)

And we have a few new artists coming on board. Daniele Serra has recently joined the Lucky Bat Books team. You can see a sample of his art here and also see more on his Website. He made the British Fantasy Award 2011 Long List this week. Huzzah!

Publishing Pipeline

I’m finding that the lovely thing about being a publisher is that you always have books coming up, books in the pipeline, books in the early stages, some in editing, some in art. And you fall in love with each of them as they come through.

So, if we sound like we’re just crazy busy here, it’s because we are. But we’re also flat-out loving it!