Free Book a Day by Douglas Smith

Why just publish when you can have fun too? That’s what we said, and so that’s what we’re doing as we publish over 20 books by Douglas Smith. Giving away a free book every day.

Memories of the Dead Man by Doug Smith
Memories of the Dead Man by Doug Smith - now published for e-readers!

We’ll be publishing Douglas’ short stories and novelettes over the next few days, and as we publish a batch, we’ll give away one that day.

This is your opportunity to snatch a free book!

Visit us on Facebook to get the link to all the info you need to join in the fun.

See Douglas Smith’s page here on Lucky Bat Books to read more about him and the books published through Lucky Bat Books so far.

The rules, stated simply: Send us an email using our form. We will choose one responder per day at random and award a free ebook. We’ll email you and then provide a link to your preferred format.