Louisa Swann

Managing editor and author Louisa Swann brings two of her novels to the Lucky Bat corrals: The Trouble with Bulldogs, written under pen name Jonesey Carlson; and Bots to Bullets, written with husband Jim.

The Trouble with Bulldogs

Off-the-wall artist meets murdering psychopath, a deadly combination…

Briana Langstrom wants three things in life: success (being a starving artist sucks), a new brain for her mom (dementia sucks more), and to be the first person to own a condo on the moon (she’s got the wall paper all picked out). There’re only two things standing in her way—an unexpected inheritance and a psychotic killer bent on eliminating Bri’s family.

John Bri and her companions (a boa named Mrs. Beasley, Harry the tarantula, and a pint-size detective who sees criminals around every corner) on this wild gallop through the wilds of the Sierra Nevada mountains as she struggles to come to terms with a family history that just might kill her.

Bots to Bullets

Kate has lived through broken necks and breast cancer, but can she survive her husband’s dark past?

Life is good for extreme mountain biker Kate Ramsdell with her husband Dave, a successful computer programmer, and a stepson about to be married. As far as Kate is concerned, the worst of life’s challenges are behind her until she gets a phone call in the middle of planning her stepson’s wedding.

A phone call that shatters her life.

When she’s told her husband is dead and her stepson’s life is in jeopardy, Kate joins forces with a man she doesn’t know and leaves the world she loves behind. Bit by bit, secrets from her husband’s dark past come to light.

In a heart-stopping confrontation with a woman who’s the very essence of evil, Kate must draw upon her determination and strength before everything she lives for is destroyed.


Born on an Indian reservation in northern California, Louisa spent the first six months of her life in a papoose carrier. Determined not to remain a basket case forever, she escaped the splintered confines, finally settling down on a ranch where she spins tales that range from light to dark and back again. Louisa’s writerly eccentricities have resulted in numerous short story publications in various anthologies along with two novels published under pen names. She is also one of Lucky Bat Books’ Managing Editors and works with fiction and nonfiction writers in both crafting their books and publishing them.

Find out more at www.louisaswann.com and on her managing editor page.