Triple Mystery Book Bundle by Robert Bucchianeri!

MYSTERY THRILLER TRIPLE PACK    Chills & Thrills from Coast to Coast

Between A Smile and a Tear

A blackmailing stripper. A self-help preaching hit man. A gangster with a penchant for leeches. The streets of San Francisco have never been so twisty as Jack Waters struggles with powerful and mysterious forces trying to destroy his family, his sanity, his life.

 Ransom Dreams

What motivates a sociopath? Elaine Burnett must find out or die.

One innocent act sets off a cascade of events that will turn her life upside down and threaten it, as well as that of her lover, psychologist Alan Everson. As Walker relentlessly stalks the couple, they struggle to solve the mystery of what is driving their tormentor before he destroys their love and their lives.

 Acapella Blues

Sam Ravello, a singer-songwriter living on Cape Cod, tries to help a young Romanian woman and her little boy and becomes entangled in a sinister plot involving corruption, blackmail, and a violent criminal underworld. The mystery Sam solves is sadder than any song he’s ever written, a dirge about innocence forever lost and the extremes of love betrayed.

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