King Arthur's Sister in Washington's Court by Kim I. Headlee

Kim Headlee

Author of Arthurian and Historical Romances

Kim Headlee  has been researching the Arthurian Legends for more than four decades. “I hope to make this the thrust of my novel-length fiction for as long as I can get away with it!” she says.  Lucky Bat Books is proud to be her publisher for the revival and continuation of The Dragon’s Dove Chronicles and of her 2015 novel, King Arthur’s Sister in Washington’s Court.

King Arthur’s Sister in Washington’s Court

Written as though by the old master himself, King Arthur’s Sister in Washington’s Court by Mark Twain as channeled by Kim Iverson Headlee offers laughs, love, and a candid look at American society, popular culture, politics, baseball… and the human heart.

Illustrated with more than 100 pen and ink drawings, the book reprises Twain’s original publication of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, creating a new story  “channeled by Headlee” while all the while remaining in the Twain mode. Kim Headlee’s extravagantly illustrated book is lush with illustrations that capture the comedy, the pathos and the pure fun of a peek into our culture from an outsider’s perspective. Each chapter begins with an illustration, as did Twain’s celebrated book, and drawings grace the pages throughout, as they did in Twain’s. This is a book to enjoy, to treasure and to thumb through just for the humor of it. [Illustrations are by cover artist Jennifer Doneske and Tom Doneske, in collaboration with author Kim Headlee.]

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Dawnflight tells the story of Arthur and Guinevere in a new and enticing way. Imagine if an author researched deeply into Guinevere’s home culture—which Kim Headlee did—into the ancient language and its symbols, which Headlee also did, and then told Guinevere’s story while weaving in the language, the symbols and the matriarchal warrior culture from which Guinevere may likely have emerged.

And then you have Dawnflight, the story of Gyanhumara and Arthur, an irresistible read.

About Kim Iverson Headlee

Kim Headlee lives on a farm in southwestern Virginia with her family, cats, goats, Great Pyrenees goat guards, and assorted wildlife. People and creatures come and go, but the cave and the 250-year-old house ruins—the latter having been occupied as recently as the midtwentieth century—seem to be sticking around for a while yet. Kim has been a published novelist since 1999 (Dawnflight, first edition, Sonnet Books, Simon & Schuster), and a student of Arthurian lore and literature for nigh on half a century.

Reviews of Dawnflight

“An appealing story about Arthur and Guinevere, [Dawnflight] depicts fifth-century Scotland as one of warring tribes and marriages that unite enemies. Female warrior Gyanhumara is set to marry Urien when she first meets Arthur. Once met, never to forget…A compelling tale of war and allegiances.”—Camilla Cowan, The Dallas Morning News

Kim Headlee constructs “…a credible Dark Age Britain where Gyanhumara (Guinevere) and Arthur meet [and] fall passionately in love…The day-to-day historical context is vividly depicted…Gyanhumara is a fascinating combination of contradictory qualities.”—Raymond H. Thompson, Acadia University, Canada, Arthuriana, Quarterly Journal of the North American Branch of the International Arthurian Society

“By giving her heroine power, courage and wisdom, Headlee does for Guinevere what Marion Zimmer Bradley did for Morgaine and Viviane in The Mists of Avalon—Headlee changes Guinevere from a victim of fate to a woman in control of her own destiny.”—Lauren Rabb, Crescent Blues

Dawnflight “…is such an accomplished piece of storytelling magic and lovely characterisation…a story both delicately and powerfully told. The atmosphere of the novel is rich in allusion and yet it is very much an original creation. A wonderful feast for the reader!”—Carole Nielsen, editor, Arthurian Association of Australia Newsletter



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