The Mace of Souls by Bruce Fergusson

Joe J. Calkins

Joe J. Calkins is a self-taught illustrator and graphic designer residing near Portland, Oregon. While most of his finished works are digital these days, they all include some hand-drawn or painted elements in the process.

When not illustrating, Joe dabbles in all forms of traditional art media and spends his time operating his sign, print and graphic design business, Spartan Advertising Group.

Samples of Joe’s Book Covers

Wraparound Print Covers by Joe Calkins

Lucky Bat Books artists create beautiful wraparound print

Dawnflight by Kim Headlee, wraparound cover by Joe Calkins

The Watch That Could Do Anything by R.J. Bucchianeri, print book cover by Joe CalkinsContact Lucky Bat Books for more information about this artist for your book cover.

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