Anomalies by Gregory Benford

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Taking Science into Inspired Realms

Anomalies by Gregory Benford, ebook coverA Collection of science fiction ranging from comic to apocalyptic, the stories ofAnomalies challenge concepts of time, space and science. Published by Lucky Bat Books with cover design over a NASA photo by Theresa Rose.

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Great Fiction from Pen to Web

Just a part of Gregory Benford’s scientific approach to making the new world of publishing do its magic, Anomalies was published in both ebook (all formats, widely available) and print, available via Ingram, Amazon and other distributors, in the U.S. and internationally.

Anomalies, the title story, asks a physics-shattering question: what happens if there is a computational error in reality? It’s the sort of question that both tickles and challenges. Anomalies includes Afterwords and insights by Gregory Benford into his writing methods, sometimes quite idiosyncratic – and into the stories behind the stories in Anomalies.

Look for more books by Benford coming out in 2012 and beyond.