Who Really Cares by Janis Ian

Lucky Bat Books Publishes Poetry by Janis Ian

We all know Janis Ian as an internationally famous songwriter and performer, but she’s been showing us over the last several years that she is also multi-talented.

Janis IanAt about the time she was writing At Seventeen, for which she won her first Grammy, she was also writing poetry; she had been since she was seven. Those poems, plus 10 not included in the original, along with a new poem by Janis, and a new introduction and afterword, make up this ebook, Who Really Cares, Childhood Poems by Janis Ian.

Photos of Janis Ian in Lucky Bat Books’ Poetry Ebook Conversion

Photos of Janis as a teen and a child add texture to the book’s poetry, and her introduction and afterward add context. This is a book that is treasured by her fans and music afficionados as well — in it you’ll read the poetry and thoughts that later became songs and that have been performed and still are being performed by Janis and others.

Celebrating Janis Ian’s Poetry Book with a Sale on STARS!

Stars-The Anthology-edited by Janis Ian and Mike ResnickSince we are releasing Janis Ian’s poetry book, Who Really Cares, we also think this is a good time to save you $2 (two bucks!) on STARS: The Anthology.  While you are on your favorite etailer site buying your copy of Ian’s poems, pick up a copy of STARS and read science fiction by some of today’s greatest writers. (Did you know Janis Ian is a fan of science fiction and a writer herself? She is.)

Buy Janis Ian’s books in paperback and ebook formats. Look for STARS on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other etailer sites. And for Who Really Cares on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and others.

Publishing Janis Ian’s Books

As part of her team of publishers, Lucky Bat Books works with Janis Ian on designing ebooks. Check out the ebook version of STARS to enjoy links to the music as you read the short stories, each based on a song by Janis Ian and written by top science fiction writers. Convenient links from the story author bylines to their bios at the end of the ebook give you insights into the writers and context for the story-to-song connection.

In publishing Janis Ian’s Who Really Cares, Childhood Poems, we have been honored to be part of Janis’s history as well as to be included in her future. She is a woman going nonstop. Visit her website “listening room” for free downloads of music from The Tiny Mouse, a beautiful children’s book, and to listen to full versions of her music. Her website is also the best place to keep up with what she’s doing next, and where on the planet you might find her.

For more on the books we’ve published by Janis Ian, see our Janis Ian page here.

About the Who Really Cares team:

Ebook conversion by Cindie Geddes

Cover by Nuno Moreira

Managing Editors: Louisa Swann and Judith Harlan

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