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Jacci Turner

Talented author of young adult and children’s fiction!

New in the Finding Home series: Riley’s Ride


Spring in central Idaho means birthing season on a cattle ranch and with Grandpa sick and Delly pregnant, Riley is up to her knees in mud, blood, and babies. She’s rapidly finding out that growing up isn’t easy. To top it off, her new friend isn’t making life any easier.





The Finding Home series:

Bending Willow

Riley knew Grandma was dead because she was smiling, Grandma never smiled when she was alive…

When Riley discovers her grandmother dead one morning, she knows her world is about to collapse. She’s been here before. After her mom and stepdad died in a car accident, she and her little sister Mia had been sent to live in a shelter until Grandma finally took them in. They were not going back to that shelter. Not this time.

Determined to find the father she knows only by an address on an envelope marked “Return to Sender,” Riley and Mia take off on an adventurous journey with so many twists and turns Riley begins to doubt they’ll ever find a real home. She ignores the question that keeps popping into her mind–if they do somehow find her father, will he even want them? Or will he send them back to the shelter?

Stretching Willow

Riley and Mia suffer crushing disappointment when they learn they won’t be able to go live with their father…yet. Staying at Nana’s farm seems like a wonderful solution until they learn they have to go to school and Riley receives another heart-rending shock. Join Riley and Mia in their continued adventure as they face new challenges, make new friends, and get downright stretched!

Finding Willow

At long last, Riley and Mia have reached the place they’ve been dreaming about: Riley’s father’s ranch. After a warm welcome, the girls settle in, happy and relieved. Then things start to go horribly wrong. Ranch life is harsher than Riley expects, she never gets to spend time with her father, and their new grandmother doesn’t seem to like them. Then a mystery boy appears to haunt her dreams and Riley starts to wonder if this new family is really going to work out. After all, they still don’t know if the courts are going to allow Mia to be adopted by Riley’s new family.

What will happen if the courts say no?

Come along as Riley and Mia struggle through more surprising twists and turns to discover if they have finally found their forever family!

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Jacci Turner isn’t afraid to address issues that confront our children and young adults on a daily basis. Her writing is sensitive, sometimes humorous, and often suspenseful, taking the reader on a ride they will not soon forget. Her Birthright series is a favorite with teens everywhere and her Finding Home series has a growing fan base. Her newest young adult novel, Cracker, takes off in a new direction: an alternate history where whites are in the minority and everything is turned upside down.

Cracker by Jacci Turner

Ann is facing her share of challenges at a new high school. The beautiful Imani wants to be her friend, but Ann has tried to be friends with black girls before and knows it won’t work out. When a handsome bully takes an instant dislike to Ann, she gets help from an unexpected source—a friend with secrets of his own. Join Ann on a journey of self-discovery in this alternative history where everything is turned upside down and Ann must decide if she is ready to take a stand against injustice.



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