Finding Willow – the third book in the Finding Home series – is here!

From Amazon best-selling author Jacci Turner comes the third book in the Finding Home series, Finding Willow.

At long last, Riley and Mia have reached the place they’ve been dreaming about: Riley’s father’s ranch. After a warm welcome, the girls settle in, happy and relieved. Then things start to go horribly wrong. Ranch life is harsher than Riley expects, she never gets to spend time with her father, and their new grandmother doesn’t seem to like them. Then a mystery boy appears to haunt her dreams and Riley starts to wonder if this new family is really going to work out. After all, they still don’t know if the courts are going to allow Mia to be adopted by Riley’s new family.

What will happen if the courts say no?

Come along as Riley and Mia struggle through more surprising twists and turns to discover if they have finally found their forever family!

Available in print and ebook.


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