Don Anslow

DON ANSLOW has morphed from a commercial copywriter to a novelist/part-time project manager. An odd combination, perhaps, but he claims his project work—often in remote locales throughout the western states—suits him fine. The work reveals intriguing settings and the character of many noble yet invisible people. He devotes much of his downtime to creative writing, posts on his blog, and battling blackberries. When not on the road, Mr. Anslow lives in Beavercreek, Oregon, with his wife, Shara, and whichever of the eight kids and seven grandkids might be passing through. He claims to be a golfer, but that has not been verified at this time.
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Rama Schwain possesses a gift that draws excellence from people. When he becomes a caddie the results are sensational. But should he ever play Mesquite Creek, a quirky course in west Texas, the magic will desert him. When his gambler father and a washed-up golf hustler each arrive to exploit the magic in conflicting ways, Rama faces a problem. Tragedy looms as they all converge for an epic match at – of all places – Mesquite Creek.



Available in both print and ebook formats at your favorite venue!

Cover design by Brandon Swann

Managing Editor: Louisa Swann


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