Mornings Journey by Kim Headlee, cover illustration by Jennifer Doneske

Morning’s Journey by Kim Headlee

Published and on sale in ebook and print!

Kim Headlee’s second book in the Dragon’s Dove Chronicles, Morning’s Journey takes warrior queen Gyan (Guinevere) into battles alongside her consort, King Arthur. In Headlee’s  sequel to the critically acclaimed DawnflightMorning’s Journey propels the reader from the heights of triumph to the depths of despair, through the struggles of some of the most fascinating characters in all of Arthurian literature. Those struggles are exacerbated by the characters’ own flawed choices. Gyan and Arthur must learn that while extending forgiveness to others may be difficult, forgiveness of self is the most excruciating—yet ultimately the most healing—step of the entire journey. Just published by Lucky Bat Books, cover illustration by Jennifer Doneske

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