Why Can’t an Author Launch with Just Facebook?

Questions pop into my head at odd moments.  Is that tree dead or is it just winter? Do they have three chickens or just two at that house on the corner? Do swordfish have ears? Can you launch a book with just Facebook?

Minimal Web Assets Needed

I’ve always said that you need at least the minimum to launch – a Website plus social media (Facebook at least but preferably Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Amazon, Goodreads, too). But I begin to question this ancient (older than 6 months) Web wisdom. Maybe you can launch with just Facebook. Pause and consider for a second just how easy that would be.

Yes! Let’s just do Facebook. Why? Because:

  • Over 500 million active Facebook users. There oughta be a bunch of readers in there.
  • Google likes Facebook. (Quick test: Google yourself. Your Facebook page is probably right up there near the top of your listings.)
  • With Facebook’s FBML, you can create full-fledged sites on Facebook.
  • Lots of room for photos. Witness the new revisions of FB pages, the photo strip. Lots of space for bios, links and all the info you may need for your book.
  • No need to spend time/effort on your website SEO.

I think I’m talking myself into this idea!

No. No. No. Why not? Because:

  • Branding. The Facebook pages look alike – good for FB user scanning, not so good for your personal author branding. Unless you’re good at  FBML code work or have some inside tech help.
  • Those revisions FB recently initiated? You don’t have a lot of say in just when those are coming down the pike. Control issues anyone?
  • SEO – Sure, building Website SEO is work, but you get the most search engine optimization (bottom line: most people finding you and your book) by working all the angles, with Website and social marketing integrated and feeding each other for greatest impact.
  • And the biggest argument against depending on Facebook for your Web presence: you don’t own it. That’s a deal-killer for me. Control issue, for sure, on this one. But legitimately so, I say.

That’s Why an Author “Can’t” Launch with Just a Facebook page.

I put those tacky little “quote” marks there on purpose: As soon as I say “Can’t”, I know one of our writers is going to come up to me and show me how wrong I am. I welcome it. That’s what I really love about the Web. It’s never static. No one is ever absolutely, irrefutably and permanently correct on the Web.

The answer will change tomorrow.


Then I’ll circle back and ask the question again. Maybe.

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