The Watch That Could Do Anything by RJ Bucchianeri

The Watch That Could Do Anything

 By RJ Bucchianeri.

When time means nothing, and wishes rule, watch out!

The quest for a magical watch lures Nicholas and his father into the land of a cruel King and his brave, bumbling knights. Will naughty wood elves, wily wizards, and giant amphibians put an end to a young boy’s dreams? Father and son fight all, plus singing lightbulbs and fierce librarians; meanwhile, The Watch rules and every creature morphs at its touch.

In this latest book by R.J. Bucchianeri, author of the Django Jagger Young Reader series, the world is not as it seems, or as you thought it should be. In fact, the book comes with a warning from the author:


If your bones creak just a tiny bit when you rise from your easy chair I would suggest that you read the sample before spending your hard-earned peezles on this story, my friends. Some readers who have gained maturity have found delight in the tale, but by sampling the whimsical prose you can determine whether it is your particular cup of cranberry cider.

The Watch That Could Do Anything, as innocent as it seems on its lovely cover, is not for every reader.

First of all, you must be of a certain age to read this book.
No less than 9 years of age and no more than 94 years of age.

That is my rule.

And you know what they say about rules.

Read more about RJ Bucchianeri HERE and on his website:

COVER BY Lucky Bat Books cover artist Joe Calkins. 



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