The Lamb by Jacci Turner

Book Three in The Birthright Series.

In a world of high school friendship — with a bit of magic and mystery thrown in — The Birthright Series by Jacci Turner takes the YA reader on a compelling and contemporary journey. The Lamb is the third, and Turner says the last, book in this popular series. Lucky Bat books has been proud to publish the series in both ebook and print for this talented writer.

The Lamb by Jacci TurnerThe Lamb

Tyrell and Tiffany are back in the last book of The Birthright Series. Ty and Tiff want to be together, but between her parents and his ex-girlfriend, Sheila, who still has her eye on Ty, their relationship seems doomed from the start. And now Ty is having disturbing dreams like the ones that led him and his Blue Group friends to the rescue of Dawna. Plus, Tiff’s new friend, Lorna, just might be crazy. Join Ty, Tiff, and their friends as they try to untangle this strange web of clues before it’s too late for … The Lamb.

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