The Handless Maiden by Dorothy Black Crow

The Handless Maiden, A Lakota Mystery – New from Lucky Bat Books

By Dorothy Black Crow, The Handless Maiden is the first book in this series.

The story:

In a time of great struggle on the reservations, when the American Indian Movement fought for justice and the FBI fought for control . . .

Alex Turning Hawk, an Oglala Lakota medicine-man-in-training, and his wife, Tate, battle a night-stalking killer, the FBI, and their own Lakota neighbors. It all starts with Tate. Driving in a blizzard, she is led by a ghost hitchhiker to find the body of a friend – her hands cut off – hands tattooed with the words, “Red Power.”

To find the killer and the hands, will she and Alex Turning Hawk follow the path of the Sacred Pipe— or the gun?

Read more about the author on her Lucky Bat Books page: Dorothy Black Crow

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