The Scorpion's Helper by Susan W. McMichaels

Susan McMichaels

ckySusan W. McMichaels, author of Journey Out of the Garden: St. Francis of Assisi and the Process of Individuation, has published her first novel with Lucky Bat Books. The Scorpion’s Helper is a novel of historical fantasy fiction at its best: Imagine that Judas is the father of Jesus. Born under the sign of the scorpion, a bastard and outcast, Judas conceives a son with a young girl named Mary. The voice of Mary’s god, a voice only Mary can hear, leads her away from Judas to fulfill their son’s destiny. Ozeret, her mother’s mute servant, is silent witness of the tragedy to come. Only Ozeret can rescue Jesus from the scorpion’s sting…Praised one Amazon customer, “Reading the book is effortless. After a dozen or so pages, you are so drawn into the story you forget you are even reading it. You are in the story…”