The Watch That Could Do Anything by RJ Bucchianeri

R.J. Bucchianeri

Books of Adventure for Kids and YA Readers

Under the pen name of R.J., Robert Bucchianeri writes the adventures of Django Jagger and the occasional wildly fantastical tale — all of which are delights and fun to read. In them, Bucchianeri puts his thriller and suspense talents to work in a whole different way for his young readers. Lucky Bat Books has published two of these terrific books.

The Watch That Could Do Anything

When time means nothing, and wishes rule, watch out!

The quest for a magical watch lures Nicholas and his father into the land of a cruel King and his brave, bumbling knights. Will naughty wood elves, wily wizards, and giant amphibians put an end to a young boy’s dreams? Father and son fight all, plus singing lightbulbs and fierce librarians; meanwhile, The Watch rules and every creature morphs at its touch.  Read more HERE.

Django Jagger and The Mirror of The Moon

DJANGO JAGGER - Mirror of the MoonDeath and life, courage and risk – All come together in a story of the Amazon and a boy’s determination to save his father. By RJ Bucchianeri.

The Story: When fourteen year old Django Jagger launches a reckless search in the Amazon jungle to find his father, he has no idea that he soon will be dancing on the head of a black crocodile. Or that he’ll be bitten by a bird-eating tarantula or captured by cannibals with strange ideas about what makes for a tasty breakfast. He could never have imagined that he would storm a jungle fortress guarded by a hundred armed bad guys with only a mutant frog and a gonzo mapmaker by his side. But even greater dangers confront Django when he battles to save his father from the monstrous Scorpio Rune who will stop at nothing to gain the gold and the secret of eternal life hidden at the Mirror of the Moon.

Django Jagger and The People of Darkness

Django Jagger and The People od Darkness by RJ BucchianeriR.J. Bucchianeri’s second book in the Django Jagger adventure series continues the exciting adventures of Django Jagger and his friends. This time Django Jagger and Riley Rogers become entangled in a sinister plot revolving around bald eagle poaching and the hunt for the key to an ancient mystery. Trekking deep into a hidden part of the Grand Canyon, Django and Riley find themselves stalked by the People of Darkness and Scorpio Rune—enemies willing to go to any length to secure the secret to eternal life.


About the Author, R.J. Bucchianeri

Should you care to visit the fair Isle of Cape Cod and perhaps lose yourself on one of the many countless magical and mind-boggling roads that snake through and around Cape Cod’s plentiful bogs, ponds, inlets, outlets, and coastal thingamagjiggies, you might eventually stumble onto a long and winding wooded path at the end of which sits a typical Cape cottage surrounded by cranberry bogs where Robert Bucchianeri spends most of the hours of the day (when he isn’t napping) conjuring tales. When he isn’t making up stories or musing about the space-time continuum you might find him running in concentric patterns around bogs with his incredibly charming puppy, Buddy, or perhaps making elaborate and sometimes edible meals for his own Contessa, Paula, and his perspicacious son, Nicholas. It has been rumored that Robert is descended from Italian royalty, has a knack for boat building, and is an avid spelunker. None of these rumors has any foundation in fact.