"The Other World" by Callista O'Brien

Lucky Bat Books’ Latest Release: Your New YA Addiction is Here

Lucky Bat Books is thrilled to announce the release of The Other World, by a startlingly talented new young writer, Callista O’Brien.

Joining the ranks of Twilight, The Hunger Games and the Divergent series, The Other World will have readers spellbound from the first page and hanging on every word until the final heart-stopping moment.

Rich in details and utterly addictive, The Other World by Callista O’Brien is sure to be your next guilty pleasure.


There’s no escaping from The Other World…

Haylyn Jones lives the typical teenage life. She gets up at an ungodly hour, hauls herself to the prison known as high school, and then comes home so she can go to bed and start the process all over again. It’s all so blissfully boring until an accident has Haylyn dangling on the brink of death, thinking her fifteen short years have come to an end. Only she doesn’t die.

She wakes up on the other side surrounded by Laves, ghoulish alien monsters bent on studying humans. There’s no place like home … and it looks as if Haylyn will never see hers again.

Thrust into a world where people are treated like dispensable lab rats, Haylyn is given a mentor to help her stay alive long enough to be worth studying—a mentor named Sam who just happens to be as arrogant as he is gorgeous. Sam is among the thousand humans stuck here to be studied. But studied for what?

Haylyn thinks she will be there forever until she gets recruited for an escape plan so crazy it might just work. Now she has to decide: Will she be resigned to her fate like everyone else seems to be? Or will she give up everything, even her life, for the chance to escape?


O’Brien, who submitted this remarkable novel to Lucky Bat Books when she was just 16 years old, is already hard at work on book two. Discover more from her at CallistaOBrienAuthor.com.

The Other World is available in print and ebook.

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